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Case study

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Netflix is probably the first thing that comes to mind when we think about our favourite movies or TV shows. Platform has earned popularity due to its user-friendliness, even to new users. In this case study I would like to focus on some suggestions on how to improve user experience on Netflix.


Having a lot of competitors makes it hard to maintain a leading position in the industry. Focusing more on the user interaction with platform and simplifying the user interface can help achiving best experience journey for you, your family, and friends.

Making Netflix platform more simple to navigate users, and make it more organized.

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The project consists of several parts:




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“How to make Netflix better” Project reveals ideas and suggestions concerning user interface of the platform. This case study doesn’t pay much attention to research part, but focuses mainly on it’s appearance, functionality, and aesthetics.

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I have conducted in-person interviews with my friends and family members who are active users of the platform. They were asked questions about what they find unclear while interacting with the platform, what changes need to be done to improve the visual appearance of Netflix.

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Based on the interviews, some of the insights and suggestions were colletcted

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Mobile Internet traffic is consumed quickly.

Creating different folders categorized by genre within the "My List" section would be a great addition.

When scrolling through a particular genre gallery, it's often unclear where it begins and ends.

There isn't a list of available languages when hovering over a particular movie.

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5. Changing some visual aspects

2. Adding brief discription of
the movie tone

3. Adding list of languages available

4. Adding “Mobile data saving” option

Based on the interviewers’ feedback, and my own experience with Netflix interaction, I came up with several suggestions on how to improve the UI of the platform

1. Modifying a Gallery bar

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The bar above the movie icon lacks visibility. When the list ends, it restarts from the beginning, which can be confusing for customers.

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I would recommend adding an "Explore All" option at the end of each specific genre gallery to display more movies. Clicking on this option would open a window showing the entire list of movies available in that genre.

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I suggest incorporating additional details about the movie's tone, such as "exciting" or "chilling". Currently, only a small number of movies include this type of description.

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Adding a list of available languages would be a valuable addition.

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I would introduce a "Play" button as an option to give users control over mobile data usage. This button would allow users to choose when to start playing content, especially when using limited mobile data.


In the laptop version, when hovering over a movie, a window pops up automatically playing trailers without an option to turn it off. In situations where the device isn't connected to Wi-Fi and relies on limited mobile internet, having control over data usage becomes crucial. Therefore, providing an option to manage or disable autoplay would be beneficial in such cases.

I recommend incorporating a "Traffic Saving" button on the Home page or introducing a "Mobile Data Saving" option to help conserve mobile data usage.

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I recommend decreasing the opacity of movie icons on the page and maintaining full opacity for the movie being hovered over. This visual distinction would enhance the focus on the selected movie.


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The insights gathered from both new and regular Netflix users have inspired several suggestions aimed at improving the platform for enjoying favorite movies. Some of these proposed changes are highly beneficial and aim to enhance the overall user experience on Netflix.

My solutions address certain platform features that were previously challenging for users, aiming to simplify their usage and make Netflix more enjoyable for everyone.

This case study not only aimed at proposing improvements but also served as a practical opportunity to familiarize and practice using Figma features like component properties, variables, and auto layouts in real-world design implementations.

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