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ABC Waste Logistics Driver


This mobile application was created based on the excisting web site of the company called ABC Waste Management/Potties Ltd.

The company supplies construction bins, porta potties, and water services to businesses and individuals. Currently the company has several drivers who deliver, pick-up and drop off mentioned items without any logistic application. I have been considering to create an app that will provide drivers with more convenience and higher efficiency, and at the same time will lower overall fuel consumption.


The ABC Waste Logics Driver App will improve driver productivity and reduce operational costs with step-by-step directions and automated pick-up and drop off progress. Drivers will use the app to see the location of their next job with all important information.

The ABC Waste Logics Driver App will work in conjunction with an online waste management software solution that will make it easier to meet the day-to-day operational needs of waste management businesses.



When I start my wordk day, I would like to know all locations for the current day in a logical order based on GPS geolocation.


That would be great to have any information about the type of an item and its size that needs to be picked-up or dropped of.

Help determining what the driver wants to achieve


When a new location is assigned during the day to the excisting list, I would like to have a possibility to confirm it or reject.


Having the basic GPS key features in the app would be great.

Ресурс 8_edited.png


Helps to create logical information structure, which simplifies user navigation through the application.

Group 26.png
Ресурс 8_edited.png


Снимок экрана 2023-08-26 в 13_edited.jpg
Снимок экрана 2023-08-26 в 13_edited.jpg
Group 12.png
Group 5.png
Group 6.png
Group 15.png
Ресурс 8_edited.png


Helps to create logical information structure, which simplifies user navigation through the application.

Ресурс 8_edited.png


Helps to create logical information structure, which simplifies user navigation through the application.

Group 1s3.png
Group 14.png
Group 16.png


Log in and welcome page

When the driver will launch the app on the device, log in or sign in options will be available. After entering the login information, the driver will be asked to allow the app using current location. Then the list of the upcoming orders will pop up

Group 17.png

List of orders

Once logged in, the driver will see the work order for the day consisting of drop off and pick up orders with the ability to see special instructions on each order. 



After clicking Start navigation button the driver can see all locations pinned on the map . Each pin will have pick up or drop off details. The app will calculate the best route to each destination and give the estimated time of arrival time.


Based on the administrative route management the driver can see an overview of each day of the week, the upcoming week and month.


The Guide section showcases the different types of products and services. Each product will have photos perfect for the new drivers to be knowledgeable of all products to ensure no wrong items are picked up. 


When the order come through midday, the driver will be notified immediately and have an ability to except or decline a new order. If accepted the order will be added to the driver's tasks and the route will be rearranged automatically



At More section the driver will be able to accses the configuration page. Among other features, the driver can toggle between the fastest time, shortest distance and a real-time rerouting


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